Nor-Ral offers a comprehensive, flexible composite tooling design and manufacturing services that takes tooling projects from initial concept through all final stages, including the design, evaluation, selection of appropriate pre-impregnated materials, tooling, prototyping , final manufacture and delivery of the completed product.

Using a wide range of custom-formulated, application specific pre-impregnated composite tooling materials, some of which manufactured right in Nor-Ral’s own facilities, we can accommodate all customers’ requirements, including the application of full-range and variable temperature curing.

Nor-Ral’s ITAR-compliant design and development service encompasses CATIA, CIMATRON and other CAD/CAM application support to provide the optimum environment for developing your product with the closest tolerances possible.

With 40 years’ experience manufacturing tooling in the industries of aerospace, automotive and military, Nor-Ral has a wealth of experience to pull from to insure each product and program is delivered flawlessly.

Automated Tooling

•In house Design Capability
•Process Integration
•Turn-key Product