Composite Solutions
• Autoclave and oven cure
• Wet-lay, Prepreg, VARTM, Core assemblies
• Secondary bonding
• In-house tooling department
• Quick turn-around and response time
• Well equipped facilities
• Cost effective
• LEAN Six-Sigma methodologies used during part build

Precision Machining
• Specialize in machining complex parts, tools, models, molds and patterns out of various media such as composites, metals, plastic, foam, core, or wood
• Offer multiple 3-Axis, & 5-Axis precision machining centers ranging from small to large scale

• Rapid 2D and 3D prototype development
• Manufacturing engineering and process implementation
• Reverse engineering
• Software: Catia V4/V5 – Cimatron – SolidWorks – Inventor – MicroStation – MasterCAM

Other Services Offered: 
• Prepreg Ply Cutting & Kitting
• CMM and Laser Inspections (on or offsite)
• Painting
• Tool Engineering
• Prototyping
• Mechanical Materials Testing
• Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
• Assembly
• Welding